"A FINE NIGHT OUT AWAITS THOSE WHO ASK" is the tag line for 28 Hong Kong Street in Singapore and they are not lying. Hidden behind beige doors with no logo or sign except the number 28 you would be forgiven for walking up and down the street, scratching your head wondering why your pals have not called to see where you are. They could be on their second "Whore's Bath" (cocktail) or simply like me and my posse have no telephone signal. I don't know if 28 Hong Kong St has been designed that way or if because it is so hidden no phone network can reach it?! 

I am telling you to be bold and to walk through those beige doors that look like someone's front room and yes, you will have a night to remember. The bar is small, black marble is everywhere, the staff go above and beyond to explain the extensive cocktail menu and will even create you something if asked and

give special thanks to for everything you did.

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the music policy is everything from soulful to down right groovy. 

As soon as we arrived we fell in love with 28 Hong Kong Street, it is not like any other bar in Singapore and you would actually expect to find such a place in New York easily....but not Singapore. To say we are fans is an understatement. 

28 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059667
+65 8318 0328

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Straight from the UK, the musical cast of Annie is coming to Singapore. From July 10th to August the 5th 2012 you can catch this famous musical at the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands. 

For more information and details about tickets go straight to the ticketing website by clicking HERE.

Taxi! Speak to anyone who has had the pleasure of riding in a Singapore Taxi and you will hear a mixture of great, hilarious, scary, fascinating and educational tales. You just never know what you're going to get...from the Taxi Uncle who doesn't know where Raffles Hotel is, to the Uncle who burps repeatedly through your journey. Seriously.

So when I caught a cab going my way that had laminate flooring I knew I had to share with the readers of love Singapore life! I honestly thought I had seen it all, but I was mistaken. I'm thinking we should develop a whole other section for crazy Singapore Taxi Uncle stories....?

Share your crazy Uncle stories and leave us a comment below!

It's that time of year...the 47th Singapore National Day is fast approaching and rehearsals kick started today. For those of you that don't know...you can apply for tickets for just the ND rehearsals! It is based on pure luck if you get a ticket for the live event. We were lucky enough to get a rehearsal ticket for last year's National Day parade and we were equally lucky that the weather was glorious for our first National Day celebration. The weather today is a little different...thunder, lightening and buckets of rain...did we mention it was NOT undercover? Yikes! 

Wishing you all a joyous and dry 47th Singapore National Day!

For more information and ticket details visit the official website and click HERE.

Harry Potter! The Harry Potter exhibition has reached Singapore and as of June the 2nd you can explore the world of Potter at the ArtScience Museum. Death Eater costumes, the Weasley's flying car and various other props and costumes from the movies will be on full display till September 2012.

As huge Potter fans we have now been along to the exhibit TWICE! It truly is 'magical' and the ArtScience Museum staff have done an amazing job of transforming an exhibit space into the world of Harry Potter. You genuinely feel like you are in Hogwarts. The gift shop will make you feel like you have just stepped into Diagon Alley! As Ron Weasley would say "It's Bbbriiiillliant!" 
This week we went along to House at Dempsey to enjoy their Vintage High Tea afternoon for just $22++. Yum!

The food was fantastic and the cakes were fabulous. We loved the literary quotes chalked on the walls and the vintage furniture decorations. A real treat to take your gal pals too. 

Every Thursday and Friday
$22++ pp.
Want more delicious details? Click HERE.